Top 35 Neujahr 2019 Mehndi Designs

Beautiful Mehndi contours can give your hands an unusual look. Wearing Mehndi is also considered promising in India, and you can simply stare straight into the face for a change. There are several types of Mehndi plans, and if you are looking for a Mehndi configuration that will stare you in the face, you are likely to pay special attention to some extraordinary examples. Here is a collection of the 2019 New Year Mehndi designs for you. Check your preferred rundown and select it.

Persian driven Mehndi design

Body art

One of the best Mehndi designs from New Year Mehndi Designs collection. Move beyond the conventional henna plans that are so old and have lost their appeal today. Ladies love to see uniqueness and remarkable henna plans, such as these moderate Mehndi Persian designs, which beautifully embellish the ornaments and edges of the hands. Decorate an announcement hand chain to look stunning and leave an impression while you play with your hair strands.

Beautiful Mehndi design


If all else fails, intensify it. This flawless henna configuration follows the authentic Indian custom that shows off bridesmaids, for the most part, with their energetically brilliant clothing types and lively coquettish signals. You can never do poorly with this model if you intend to share with your ethnic group on this New Year’s Day and beautify your look with details in your hair and the Arabic henna design.

Cheeky Smooth long Mehndi design


For ladies with creative long hands and nails, this smooth and Cheeky Smooth long Mehndi design is perfect for you. Turn to conventional henna and let your palms swipe onto the beautiful, shady skin in the popular henna configuration to add momentum to your look. Choose a bare nail polish to accentuate your henna, and do not forget to stack those silver rings for an impeccable, commendable Instagram snapshot, and demonstrate everything ready and gather the happy, upbeat mood. Along these lines, spread joy with henna outlines in floral themes that will make the general population grow in breathtaking ways. Paint your nails in rich hues, ideally in reds or pinks or oxbloods to create a captivating tone, and be a diva in fractions of a second. The white-shaded henna is available in showcases as a henna tattoo. All you have to do is stick the simple sheet and peel it off. Parade this unusual style with fashion as it complements your casual, chic outfit and adds a trendy silhouette to your look.

Glittering, painted Mehndi design

Indian culture

Remember the celebrations and weddings where your hands are completely decorated with the fragrant and immaculate henna craft on your palms? Remember the melancholy with this shiny henna outline that will be the cheesy friendly exchange. So we appreciate the shadow of the nails in the hands of this henna creator, violet is the new red woman. Take the champagne bottle in your hand and take the glittering painted hands closer.

Freakish Mehndi design

Indian wedding

One of the best Mehndi designs from New Year Mehndi Designs collection. It’s not important to look freaky and make an announcement with your henna, you can play it funny and hip. Slip into your favorite color and let it work on your palms to henna. Ensure that it is created with accuracy, as tattoos are made with a smooth, dabbed needle that is in a machine while henna is a hands-free ability. This henna configuration will not just improve your bet, but will also provide an advantage over others.

Rakish Mehndi design Instagram

With this Mehndi design, the examples on the front and on the back are exceptional. Instead of covering all hands, the plans cover a precise part on both hands. The plan on the palm just starts over the wrist and was stretched out in a quirky example that covers the entire pointer. The plan on the back of the hand begins at the wrist and was extended so to speak over the pointer.

Paisley Mehndi design


This is an immaculate exemplary Mehndi plan that you can get for an unusual event. Here begins the plan under the wrists and covers every finger. The larger paisley design is available in the center of the palm and there is a free space surrounding the focal plane. The fingers were completely secured with stunning designs. The plan is the same for both hands.