Tipps für Männer: Wie man professionell mit einem Budget aussieht

The truth is, people will judge you by your looks. Those who appear neat and well-organized can more easily connect with others, as people tend to feel more comfortable as they approach them. If you want to be taken seriously, you should also look for a professional look.

Looking professional does not mean you have to spend your salary on a monthly basis to buy expensive suits. You can also dress professionally with little money. The key is to consider the following tips.

Adjust fit

The fit is the most important consideration when it comes to clothing. No matter how high the materials and material of the clothes are, they will not look good to you if they do not fit properly. Professional men often wear suits. If you need to carry one at your desk, make sure your suit fits you well.

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The shoulder seam of your suit jacket and shirt should be on your shoulders and not lower. The length of your shirt sleeves should not reach your palms, and the sleeves of your suit jacket should be shorter than your shirt sleeves to show half an inch of the shirt’s cuffs.

For the pants, the hips should fit comfortably without your hips a belt and the seams should end directly on the shoes. The legs should fit loosely on the thighs and run straight or pointed under the knees.

Buy the best quality in your budget

You do not have to buy expensive clothes to look professional, but you can ‘refuse that the best suits are usually outside the price range of an ordinary person. However, that does not mean that there are no affordable, high-quality clothes.

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You do not have to waste money to dress well. There are many nice clothes that are also budget friendly. Remember that the look of style and professionalism does not just depend on the price of the clothes. The fit and color are also crucial for making you look good.

If you want to buy high-quality, inexpensive clothing, you can choose from natural fibers such as cotton, cashmere, linen, silk and wool. Natural fibers are more durable and can look good even after repeated washing. They are also easier to wash compared to synthetic fabrics.

Additionally, perform a tensile test of the garments to check the quality of the seams. Do not buy clothes with crooked lines, loose stitches, hooks and visible imperfections. Make sure the buttons and buttonholes are well sewn.

Pay attention to the dress codes

Most occasions have certain dress codes. At most formal gatherings – such as award ceremonies, balls, national dinners, diplomatic events, weddings in the evenings, and high society events – you’ll need to wear your full evening gown or white tie.

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If you’re an average guy (meaning you’re not a prince, part of high society or a high official), the tie is probably the most formal dress code you’ll face. Whether it’s a formal, semi-formal, or coincidental affair, adherence to the dress code is essential to look professional.

Learn how to dress for every occasion with this helpful guide to men’s dress codes.

Neutral and dark colors

Bright clothes are fun, but they do not fit the usual office environment. In most business or traditional office environments, employees must wear dark or neutral suits. Dark and neutral colors make you sharp and collaborative and give an aura that will make you ready for serious business.

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Even dark and neutral suits are easier to wear as they are suitable for most skin tones. And they do not get dirty so quickly that they’re easier to maintain.

Level Up Your Footwear

Being professional means dressing well from head to toe. This means that you choose the right footwear that suits your clothes. If you are wearing a suit, you must combine it with dress shoes. You do not have to buy several pairs of shoes to match all your clothes.


Men are easier than women because they only need two pairs of shoes (one brown pair and one black pair) to combine with their work clothes. If you are not sure how to combine your shoes with your shoes, here is a comprehensive guide to help you.

Wear simple and useful accessories

Limit the accessories that you wear when dressing professionally to simple and useful items. Make a suit crisper by wearing shiny metal cufflinks and tie clips.

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Avoid putting a bulky wallet in your pocket and use an elegant magnetic money clip like Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. A money clip is easier to carry and will not give your pants an unsightly pump when you put them in your pocket.

For professionals, an analogue leather or metal watch is an indispensable accessory. It is both functional and stylish. You can also be equipped with a smartwatch, especially if you work in the tech industry.

Maintain good care

You can dress in the finest clothes, but you will never look professional. You have a messy haircut, dirty nails, and a generally messy appearance. Good cleaning is a big part of the profession.

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A person who looks and cares properly gives the impression that she can also take care of the other aspects of her life. Self-care also means maintaining a healthy diet, moving properly and sleeping at least seven hours a day.

Be confident

You can look sharp and professional in a bargain suit if you hold your head up. Straighten your posture and wear yourself confidently. Trust is a strong accessory. It’s better than a Rolex watch, Italian patent leather shoes or a high quality tailor-made suit.

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Everything in the tips above will help you to look professional. However, nothing professionally says more than self and your ability to be safe.