the make-up in retro style

Remember the sophisticated image of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina or Breakfast at Tiffany. Old-fashioned? Of course not, because the retro-styled image in which the inimitable actress appeared on the movie screens is always in fashion. The beginnings of this style, however, took shape even before the birth of Hepburn.

About the intricacies and history of make-up in retro style and tells a site for women Stylish.


Make-up in retro style: history

In the 20’s of the last century, the deadly beauty on the upper eyelids began in bold black stripes and clearly defined the lip line. But it was only the beginning . After forty years of dark lipstick, a rich red followed, and his eyes became innocently vicious thanks to the perfectly drawn arrows and patch eyelashes.

Amy Winehouse

Modern, leading stylists dictate their own rules to create the make-up in retro style, and sometimes these rules are completely different. Of course, common features can be traced. Consider how you make a retro makeover.

How To Make Retro Makeup: Tips Stylists

The first step in creating a retro image – the effect of puppet porcelain. This is achieved through the use of a creamy foundation and a concealer that hide even the slightest imperfections. It is important to make the aristocratic paleness of the face, while not forgetting the slight, almost imperceptible shimmer.

The next step is to make the skin velvety. To create this effect on a tonal basis apply a light powder coating. Keep in mind that all of these cosmetics must be in the lighter tone that you are familiar with. Important detail – emphasizes high cheekbones. They can be isolated by a bronze rouge hue.

Special attention should be paid to the eyes. Eyebrows sometimes can not worry – just give them the right shape with a soft pen. The eye shadow should be neutral. The perfect solution – mother-of-pearl shades.

But over the eyelashes should work more carefully. If there is no possibility or desire for eyelashes, you can safely apply the patch. All the more convincing, you just have to imagine the “theatrical” look of a young Elizabeth Taylor. After gluing false eyelashes, they should be prepared to make black ink.

Audrey Hepburn

The striking element in make-up in retro style – the thick black line at the roots of a century issued liquid eyeliner. It begins at the inner corner of the eye and ends with a very sharp arrow just above the outer corner of the eye. The line width should be checked carefully.

For example, the hands of singer Amy Winehouse are not admirable and are vulgar. At the same time, a too thin arrow will not attract attention, the resulting image will be incomplete.

The key detail of the makeup in retro style are lips . Sensual and plump like Scarlett Johansson, they can look like pale ale and dark cherry. To further emphasize the lips, you must draw the outlines with a pencil in the same color as the lipstick.

British musicians

You can also draw a La Marilyn Monroe over the area of ​​the upper lip Flirty “The Fly”. But you can do without it – a matter of taste.