The Best 20 Long Nail Designs 2019

Long nail designs

Long nail designs usually appear especially glamorous than most designs for quick nails. These nail-layout thoughts we’ve collected here are healthy for both artificial and long nails. From beginners to experts, everyone can aspire to these nail art ideas. Long nails are a premium canvas for creativity. Now hold your palms up properly! Watch The best 20 long nail designs.

Creativity – long nail design


Long nails give us a prime opportunity to experiment with nail art. These state of the art long nail designs will break your creativity and creativity and be accepted as true! There are unique techniques and equipment to get exquisite nail designs, and to be honest, metal striping has been an issue lately. Choose your favorite layout and start your adventure!

Crystals Long Nails Design

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A nail coffin shape seems suitable for every nail art. Roses and crystals turn your coffin nails into a masterpiece. These long nail designs are remarkable and exceptionally glamorous. There are really some magnetic temptations around them, can you see it?

French Long Nails Design


French nail files are all essentially of elegance and beauty, but that does not mean that you can not step away from the subculture. To emphasize your nails with diamonds on a finger is a good choice. In the event that you are not jewels, you can always test something with the umbrellas and shapes.

Geometric design with long nails

metal striping

Square nails are back in. Decorate your rectangular nails with geeky geometric motifs, and you can start the party season! We’re sure you’ll like at least one layout with long square nails and geometry.

Crystals Long Nails Designs


As you prepare for a celebration, use these vivid thoughts for your nails. With them you can be in the middle of attention. Add some shiny add-ons and you’ll see the difference. Crystals make this nail art honest. Use your imagination and show off your creativity with these long diamond-cut nail designs for the global global gasps to gasp!

Lovable Long Nails construction

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It’s less difficult than creating clean, endearing long nail designs with the help of a brand new stamping approach. It’s time to decorate your long rectangular shape with some electric shadowed stamps. If that’s not always your cup of tea, then you should use pastel brown coffee stamps instead!

Flexible Long Nails Designs


The theme of Whirling Nail Art is that their miles are extremely flexible and can either be as bright as the summer season themselves or as subtle and calm as a cold ice night. Wish on whatever you prefer: swirling artwork designs boost your certainty with a clean spice.

Sweet long glitter nail


These cute long sparkly nails will turn you straight into a princess. They look so glamorous that they can transform any of your appearances into the night. As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to lengthy nail designs. However, we agree that nails with diamonds and glitter are still on top. Either soft and neutral or lively and lively glitter accent brings every design to a whole new level!

Trending Long Nails Design


Animal prints are undoubtedly some of the trendiest designs of recent times. That’s why we decided that snakeskin styles must be here to electrify all the fashionistas that have accumulated here. What’s bigger, there are so many ways to create snake skin styles. Something that starts with gel sculptures and stamps is gathered here to encourage the most daring of you!

Versatility pattern Long Nails Design


If you’re dreaming of finding a perfect way to make your nail designs run smoothly, you’re definitely in the right place! The component is that the art of bad-footed nail is on the verge of popularity nowadays. Having said that, dealing with the versatility of patterns is extremely easy!

Pastel Long Nails Design


It seems that the hombre technique does not always meet the trend. Can not say it’s a terrible component, right? Pastel-colored nails are ideal for the hours of daylight, although this vibrant holographic nail design, along with the rhinestone, also accurately depicts paintings for one night and for the celebration time.

Pastel marble pattern

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There is something unique about all marble designs. The factor is that it no longer matters which shade you choose to combine it with the look that turns into a stunning look. Either ambitious and brilliant or sweet and pastel marble patterns will suit any one of them!

casket form


Those of you who are still wondering how they can make their long acrylic nails so that they want to look stylish and sexy take these thoughts into account. These nail artwork variations look awesome and glamorous. Try it if you are not afraid of interest and want to relax your creativity.