Professional skin care trends from 2019

People are always looking for new and improved resolutions. Whether we want to lose 10 to 20 pounds or are more adventurous or looking for a new job. One thing is certain: we are always on the lookout for the latest trends in everything we do. If we want to do a beauty resolution this year, it should be better to take better care of our skin.

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To do that, we need to know which skin care products help us achieve our goals. We shared with you what skin care products you need to have in your bathroom in 2018 to have great skin.

But now let’s tell you what trends in professional skin care are revolutionizing the world of skincare in 2017. The beauty world strives for buzzword and innovation, and that’s what this year is all about. In 2016, however, it was all about skin care products and products with “anti-pollution”. But we will do so on a larger scale. This year, it’s about being eco-friendly and reinventing what we already know as skincare. Here are the professional skin care trends that you should know about this year 2018.

High tech face masks

 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017

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During 2017 everything went on about the facial masks and their benefits they brought us to the skin. Whether leaf masks that gave our face moisture, or clay masks that made us rejuvenate. Facial masks have a big impact on the beauty world and this year will be no exception. Experts estimate a huge increase in various face masks. And the benefits they bring us. However, one thing that will change this year is the fact that our beloved face masks are upgraded and become high-tech.

When we talk about high-tech, that’s what we mean. Facial masks, especially masks, now contain products that we would not normally consider. These include gold, foil, various waxes and even the use of lace. As dermatologists continue to explore the benefits of using different facial products, we will be witnessing the development of facial masks.

Another high tech trend for face masks that will be thrilled this year is infrared masks. These masks are mainly used in spas and wellness centers. However, they will all be thrilled as the infrared light is capable of killing acne, causing bacteria, and rejuvenating the skin in one step.

Friendly Bacteria

 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017 Image credit Elle

We have always been told that bacteria are the main cause of acne, and we should stay away from it. After further research on certain bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. It has been discovered that some bacteria may actually be beneficial to the skin. Brands have already made a name for themselves and are already considering various cleaning systems around this theory.

We can expect several well-known beauty brands as well as wellness centers to accept this trend. Clinique is a beauty brand that has been dealing with friendly bacteria for a long time. Clinique has spent the past 10 years exploring the uses and benefits of bacteria in beauty products. They have found that probiotic creams relieve skin irritation and inflammation. Because of this, the make-up line of Redness Solutions contains the friendly bacteria known as Lactobacillus.

The real question that most of us might face is, “Will friendly bacteria help with anti-aging?” The answer is yes! These friendly bacteria work in your favor not only to reduce the signs of aging, but also help build a barrier to aging.

Super Food Skin Care

 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017 Photo credits (Pinterest)

In the face of concern that we have all dealt with the food we consume. It was only a matter of time before beauty and skincare brands caught up with the trend. This year, we will find that more and more brands will produce products that contain healthy green foods. Items like kale, algae and spinach, just to name a few. Superfoods provide the body with the building blocks it needs to function properly. When used in skin care, the skin gets the benefits directly. So we can almost immediately detect a difference in our skin.

While many skin care professionals are taking advantage of this trend, we expect different spas and medical centers to change their products and services to make them healthier for our skin. This means that we will find that many of our favorite skin care professionals are starting to use a facial oil made up of broccoli and facial hips oil instead of what they would normally use.

Facial brushes

 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017 Photo credit options

Dry-brushing has always been a well-known method of improving blood circulation, peeling off the skin, and reducing the appearance of cellulite. However, it has never been used on the face. This is set to change as skin experts expect their brushes to be brushed this year. This practice started in Asia and is now part of our beauty program.

Face brushing has been found to remove dead skin cells and bring the blood to the surface of the skin, which in turn will give your skin a natural glow. In Asia, this procedure uses a face soap instead of a cleanser. This leads us to believe that we are using soap bars rather than detergents very quickly.

Protection against air pollution

 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017 Photo credits (Pinterest)

In 2016, we really focused on our skin and the products that could affect it. This year we will continue to do so, but really focus on the environment and what it actually does with our skin. With that said, there will be more products and professional skin care products that will help create an even greater barrier to pollution. Not just pollution, but also other elements like smog, vehicle emissions, dirt, dust and cigarette smoke.

We can expect these products and services to provide our skin hydration. In addition to supporting our skin, they form a natural barrier against these harmful pollutants. Our skin will look better, feel better and put off the aging process. If our skin learns to fight these air pollutants, we will notice a difference. A difference in the way our skin absorbs and reacts to products.

Snail Goo Facials

 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017 Photo credits-Share

Just as there will be certain products in professional skin care procedures, there will also be new skin care trends that will take our trend. Spa Visits One of them is the snail facial. Snail goo facials or the EscarGlow Facial use snail secretion to give the skin a moisturizing facial. This facial treatment not only gives your skin the necessary moisture, but also anti-aging properties. Another claim that this procedure has is that it repairs the skin from the inside out. We give you healthy, radiant skin like never before.

In this procedure, a skin care professional uses professional organic snails that have been bred in the office, puts them on your face and allows them to spread the goo during the process. The process can only be carried out by a person skilled in the art. We expect this trend to increase as the year progresses as more and more skin care professionals become fascinated by this new practice that began in Asia.

FAST Treatment

 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017 Photo Credit Pinterest

Another professional treatment that will follow the trend towards professional skincare in 2018 is FAST treatment. The FAST treatment was Eric Schweiger created. The treatment is designed for those who have experienced acne at some point in our lives. And left behind with horrible acne scars. Not only are acne scars difficult to remove, they can also make you feel confident on your skin.

Dr. Eric Schweiger took this into account and developed a treatment to regenerate the skin and fade the bothersome acne scars we all know and hate. The procedure involves a professional skin care professional who uses a range of facials involving laser and full facial Fraxel treatment. These will work together to make your acne scars fade quickly and effectively. We expect this trend to pick up quickly. Most of us have acne scars and would like to find a good solution to fade or completely remove them.


 Professionelle Hautpflege-Trends von 2017 Photo Credit Kleinmd

If you suffer from excessive sweating, be prepared to be amazed by the new treatment with MiraDry. MiraDry is able to reduce excessive sweating in just two treatments. The procedure is non-invasive as the skin is not cut or opened. Before the MiraDry procedure, the patient receives a temporary tattoo on the armpits. This tattoo serves as a template to ensure that the doctor gets all sweat glands, without overlooking some places. Once the first process is completed, you will notice that perspiration and odor decrease enormously. After the second procedure, there is little to no sweat or smell.

In summary, new and exciting skincare is researched. It is safe to say that skin care will continue to develop this year. And everything we thought we knew about healthy skin is thrown out the window. Let us know below which trend for professional skincare you are interested in and which has just not attracted your attention.