How to Make an Ugly Christmas Jumper DIY Project

Have you not yet selected your ugly Christmas sweater? No sweat! Learn how to make your own ugly Christmas sweater and make good use of an old sweater.

Ugly Christmas jumper

It’s a sweater weather and Christmas is in the air! Now that the weather is getting cooler, there’s another cool DIY project here. It’s time to grab your old sweaters and make your own ugly Christmas sweater. It’s fun and easy to make from the comfort of your own home. It does not have to be perfect, it’s supposed to be ugly, right? This ugly sweater we’re going to introduce is not ugly at all, but fab sweet and so charming. It costs you less than $ 10! How’s that cheap ugly Christmas sweater?

Ugly sweater parties are a great idea for a fun but festive celebration of this holiday season. Unfortunately, buying a new ugly Christmas pullover can be too expensive. So why not learn how to make an ugly Christmas jumper for less than $ 10? Take a look at this tutorial!


 Supplies | Erstellen eines hässlichen Weihnachtspullovers

Step 1: Create a smaller penguin template

 Erstellen einer kleineren Pinguinvorlage | Wie man einen hässlichen Weihnachtspullover herstellt

To start your cool ugly Christmas sweater, you must first trace your penguin template on a sheet of paper. Your penguin template should have an oval shape and an almost S shape to look like the hands of the penguins. Next, fold the craft paper in half and trace your penguin template. Cut and unfold, then use the template to cut out your contrasting fabric.

Step 2: Create a larger penguin template

 Eine größere Pinguinvorlage erstellen | Wie man einen hässlichen Weihnachtspullover herstellt

Create a similar penguin template – this time a larger template for your ugly sweater.

Step 3: Follow the penguin on a white cloth

 Pinguin auf einem weißen Tuch Wie man einen hässlichen Weihnachtspullover herstellt

Now you can transfer the penguin template to a white cloth. You need two big ones for mom and dad, just as shown in the picture above, and a little one for the baby penguin. Do you see the black oval shape? That’s for the penguin’s body. The lavender oval cloth should be the baby penguin. This is a happy penguin family you build!

Step 4: Create a Christmas tree shape

 Erstellen Sie eine Weihnachtsbaumform | Wie man einen hässlichen Weihnachtspullover herstellt

Now create a Christmas tree shape on green felt. Do not worry about making it perfect, it’s more fun with these incomplete shapes and edges. You will be able to install some mini Christmas lights that you can find in a hardware store.

Step 5: Assemble penguin family

 Pinguinfamilie montieren | Wie man einen hässlichen Weihnachtspullover herstellt

Now it’s time to put the penguin family on the fabric. See how cute it is (not “ugly”, right?) You can cut small circles and triangles to complete their sweet faces. You can also attach the lights to your Christmas tree (it’s bought for only $ 5). When you are satisfied with your seats and what they look like, simply attach them to the pullover with a hot glue gun.

Step 6: Add a little snow

 Ein wenig Schnee hinzufügen | Wie man einen hässlichen Weihnachtspullover herstellt

How about some “snow” on our Christmas tree? Thread your needle and knot a loose end of the thread. Starting from the inside of the pullover, push the needle through the sweater and into the pompon. Go through the pompon and sweater several times until the pompom is firmly attached to the sweater. Tie the thread and cut it off. Do the same with the other pompons.

Step 7: Add some charm

 Fügen Sie etwas Charme hinzu | Wie man einen hässlichen Weihnachtspullover herstellt
Finally, apply some “cloths” with a hot glue gun around the penguins. A Santa hat on them would also add some charm. And there you have it! You’ve just created a really cute and ugly domestic Christmas sweater that’s perfect for the winter season.