Festive eye make-up

Every woman in life sometimes has events that require special attention in imaging. And of course, make-up is the most important area. Activities such as anniversary, dinner with your loved one in the restaurant, or a friend’s wedding – a great excuse to experiment with looks and try something out of the ordinary.

Festive eye make-up uses brighter colors and advanced techniques. The Stylish Stuff website will teach you the basics today.


Has a festive eye make-up.

Of course, make-up should first emphasize your individuality and match the decor.

To prepare for the celebration, you should not be lazy to put the make-up base on the eyelids. It helps to provide just the shade and prevents them from bursting during the day.

Cover dark circles under the eyes with concealer. Can make a little makeup for the eye area, but do not overdo it, otherwise the powder will clog in fine lines and wrinkles and make you look older.

As far as the colors are concerned, the festive make-up meets gold, silver and dark gray or brown.

Gold is associated with luxury and wealth, so Golden Shadow and Eyeliner are always suitable for the occasion.


In addition, it is the most versatile option. It looks natural and is suitable for almost every color.

Cat's Eye

Silver make-up shimmering like ice cold, looks very lively and adds depth to the look.


For a holiday is not only metallic silver. A good solution would be to use light pink or light purple flowers. This make-up is perfect for disco or Christmas party.

Christmas party

The “Smokey eyes” style continues to hold a strong leadership position in the most popular make-up women’s list. This technique is based on the use of gray, black or brown eyeshadow and strokes. Since it requires a sufficiently intense color, it makes more sense to consider the “Smokey Eyes” as an evening make-up. Mysterious, sluggish eyes, combined with pale lips – perfect for the celebration.


To give the eye make-up a finished look, a shade is not enough. You also have to use eyeliner and mascara. Eyeliner It is desirable to mark the outer corners of the eyes. Mascara is applied to eye shadow at least two coats. You can also apply false eyelashes.


By the way, a great solution for holiday make-up are so popular nowadays. To learn to draw neatly symmetrical arrows, you must practice. The game, however, is worth the candle.


The arrow is the best way to raise the outer corner of your eye, which makes a person younger. In addition, they create the effect of “Cat’s Eye” – a bit predatory, seductive, fascinating.


Another interesting solution for special make-up will be the decoration of eyelashes with rhinestones. This decoration will make you a true snow queen.

Women in the Hebrew Bible

Avoid common mistakes : Do not choose the color of eye make-up according to the color of the dress. For example, the green color under the green dress is clearly a bad choice: this make-up gives you a sick look.

And the excessive pink eye shadow will make your eyes sore. In the first place, there must still be validation of the natural colors of the make-up.

Festive eye makeup should not be done in a hurry, with soul and love for yourself. You do not need to use the services of professional makeup artists. Consider the nuances – and you will be the star of every party!