Gold nail design: We all love her. But what’s so special about glittering gold nail designs that make them so popular? Is there a reason why we are interested in things that sparkle?

Actually, there are: Culturally, we love sparkling nail colors because we associate them with status and wealth. But it’s all deeper than you think. This phenomenon is not just about the beauty of shiny things. There is evidence that young children prefer to eat shiny items and try to eat them over dull objects.

And this impulse has existed for thousands of years. It is related to the human instinct to look for water. Streams and rivers have always shimmered, so this urge to look for shiny things is part of our evolution. How curious!

Now we follow our instincts and see inspiring and amazing nail designs with gold and glitter.

Every day is a holiday with gold glitter nails

Every day is a holiday with gold glitter nails Image 1

Every day is a holiday with gold glitter nails Image 2

Every Day is a Holiday with Gold Glitter Nails Image 3

Every day is a holiday with Gold Glitter Nails. Picture 4

Every Day A Holiday With Gold Glitter Nails Image 5

Every day is a holiday with gold glitter nails Image 6

Let’s start with the basics. How do I apply gold glitter so your mani looks best? We have a hack.

  • Paint a sponge. Just take a make-up sponge, cut it or fold it to any size. Apply glitter nail polish on this sponge. It absorbs some paint, not glitter. The result is that the glitter sticks to the nails rather than sticking sticky and thick layers.
  • Dab off nail polish. Are you worried that the glitter you apply will land on your finger, not just on the nail? Simply nail the nail with a special adhesive tape or a polishing protection. Now dab the sponge with glitter paint over the whole nail or only a part of it. You may need to repeat the dab several times to get the desired glitter density.
  • Do the same with other nails. If you do not like the shine, press it with a toothpick or sponge, if the paint is not dry yet. Finish with topcoat, and you’re ready to sparkle!

Trendy ombre nail designs with gold glitter

Trendy ombre nail designs with gold glitter Image 1

Trendy ombre nail designs with gold glitter Image 2

Trendy ombre nail designs with gold glitter Image 3

Trendy Ombre Nail Designs with Gold Glitter Image 4

Trendy Ombre Nail Designs with Gold Glitter Image 5

Trendy Ombre Nail Designs with Gold Glitter Image 6

The nail designs you see here combine the best of nail art – glitter nail polish and the ombre technique. What can be cooler and more trendy? Ombre is perfect for any nail art, because changing the tones creates an effect that is really great and emphasizes the beauty of your nails. And with glitter the cool effect is doubled. If you want to try out these star-shaped nail designs, we can tell you that they are suitable for every nail shape and length.

Cute designs for your golden nails

Cute designs for your gold nails Image 1

Cute designs for your gold nails Image 2

Cute designs for your gold nails Image 3

These nail art ideas with golden nail polish and some glitter are so pretty, how do you think? Gold nail polish can stand out by itself. The best part is that it can be combined with all other colors, as the gold color is considered classic. Here you can see how golden and black nail polishes together create a real masterpiece – an ultimately elegant nail design. All these nail designs are easy to restore.

Gold nails with stamps

Gold nails with stamps Image 1

Gold nails with stamp picture 3

Stamping is a trend that sticks for a while. And we are very happy about it. Whether you have experience in stamping or not, you may find these tips very useful.

Look for high quality nail polish for stamping. If the varnish can only coat one nail with one coat, it generally means that it can stamp well. Certain matt paints and metallic paints are ideal for stamping.

A stamp image must be cleaned with acetone before and after each use. This will remove all old paint residue and the image will be crisp.

Some packing tapes will also be useful. It will clean the punch quickly and will not damage it.

If you lose the scraper that came with the stamp, you can replace it with an old credit card or gift card.

Easy Gold Nail Designs

Easy Gold Nail Designs Image 1

Easy Gold Nail Designs Image 2

Easy Gold Nail Designs Image 3

Gold Metallic Nail Art #manicure

Gold foil nail design #foil

Finally, it is important to mention how the glitter nail polish can be removed, as we are honest: it is not a very simple task. We were all there and spent so much time removing it. And the peeling and scraping can lead to damaged nail beds, which is really unfortunate.

Cool Gold Nail Designs

French And Half Moon Nail Design # halfmoon

Gold Shimmering Ombre Nails #ombre

French Gold Nail Designs #french

Burgundy and gold nail designs # longnails #burgundynails matte

Gold glitter accented fingers #glitternails #longnails

Rose gold and gray short square nails #shortnails #shortnails #

However, it is difficult to remove this type of nail polish for a reason. Glitter nail polishes are not like normal paints. They stick to a cotton pad and also to a nail bed when they are removed. So here’s a trick: The removing substance should sit on the nails for some time and loosen the glitter spots on the top. Leave the cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover wrapped in tin foil wrapped in tin foil for about 2 minutes. Finish with cuticle oil, as the remover tends to dry the cuticle.

Elegant nude and gold nail designs

Elegant Nude and Gold Nail Designs nudenails

French fade and gold glitter nails #glitter nails #ombrenails

Asymmetrical nails and glittering nails #nudenails #glitternails

If you are unusual in looking, we suggest that you combine two opposite trends. In this case, the combination of nude nail art and glittering accents is undeniably fantastic. Would not you agree?

Do you like these gold nail designs with glitter? We believe that they can become part of your collection of nail art ideas. In our blog you can offer more inspections.