Color type woman autumn: exquisite and unique

Autumn. This season brings not only a rich and rich harvest of fruits and berries, but also a delightful variety of colors: girls who refer to the autumn color type and with their patron have an amazing, lively, memorable and captivating appearance. Woman Autumn, regardless of her own color and shade of hair, like the sparkling glitter of the sun gilding the look and glow in the shower.

About the color type Woman Autumn tells a site for women Stylish.


Color type: Mrs. Herbst

Of course , the autumn palette colors the appearance of the girls in warm, golden tones. No color type can boast such bright red hair, those emerald-colored eyes, and so gentle and velvety skin. However, this does not mean that fall girls are just redheads: their hair can be the color of a ripe chestnut or ripe wheat gold.

Color type Mrs. Autumn has another amazing feature: Eyes whose color varies between sky blue and dark karim always have golden spots that resemble the rays of the sun filtering inside.

A golden autumn wonder Freckles fit harmoniously into the overall taste.

Autumn style: The generosity of color and gold wealth

Mrs. Herbst with her wardrobe warm dark tones can not only emphasize her own individuality, but also emphasize the hearts of others to beat faster and skip a beat at the sight of her inimitable beauty.

Chocolate and butter biscuits, tomatoes and blue-green, creamy-white, burgundy and golden yellow must have their rightful priority.

However, should we not forget about […] mustard, olive, agate green, turquoise and bright apricot color, these tones are perfectly combined with amazing Ryjenko, which sparkle in their hair and eyes.

Soft (soft autumn), warm (warm autumn), deep (deep autumn)

Among the fabrics, there is the merit of giving cord, tweed and heavy silk, mohair, flax, velvet, cashmere and lace. Faux fur, leather, nubuck and suede is ideal for clothing.

The woman Autumn color type can choose a simple fabric and materials decorated with patterns. Their size and style does not matter, the main thing is expressiveness, depth and exoticism. Scottish cage, tiger painting, ethnic motifs or flowers in the Eastern Garden – autumn is beautiful in every outfit.

Style autumn women should not be too severe, pompous or conspicuous. Country style or safari, sports or national, ethnic or urban, the main advantage is the lightness and naturalness of the forms, lightness and “fluffiness” – perfect for fall.

Makeup: sparkle natural

A simple, casual make-up completes the creation of a natural and unique image. Woman Autumn can use a golden yellow or pale coffee tone for face, powder, gold shimmer and coral red (copper, terracotta).

A bright color palette of warm colors, chosen to maximize the depth and appeal of sparkling eyes, may include copper-gold, olive, beige, baklazhanovy, terracotta, coral, and teal shades, as well as shades of gray better not be used, replaced by noble chocolate, dark brown or malachite green clay.

The richness of the palette, with which the color type Woman Autumn can emphasize the beauty of gentle and seductive lips, will astonish even a professional artist. Soft Coral and Golden Beige, dark cherries and deep chocolate – these colors are created to keep your lips covered with gentle and passionate kisses.

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