Best Party Wear Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

Tips on using the primer for party makeover

In today’s article, we’ll tell you how to apply a foundation and a concealer before you make the makeover. At the party makeover

  1. The first step is to know your skin type and color. Depending on skin color, use a foundation that best suits your skin.
  2. If you have the problem of a dark circle around your eyes or have a two-tone skin, apply Foundation and Concealer as shown in the pictures below. This is the first step, and your overall view of the party depends on how you complete this step.
  3. With the use of Foundation , another important step in party make-up is contouring. The contouring is done to compensate for the uneven skin tone. Contouring is usually done on the nose, cheeks and forehead. We are here to give you tips. Just follow the steps shown at the bottom of the pictures to apply the primer, and I’m sure you’ll catch everyone’s eye at the event.

Primer for cheek and nose party

Primer for party makeup
Full Face Foundation application for party makeup
perfect primer light party makeup
Maroon Lipstick Party Makeup
Primer and highlighter application for party makeup

Tips for eye makeover

The second step is to make your eyes beautiful with make-up.

  1. To do this you must first apply an eye primer to the eyelid.
  2. You can also apply concealer if you do not have eye primer. Then comes the application of Eyeshadow and for that we have gradually collected images that you can copy. You can do Smokey Eyes with the mix of all the shades of your dress.
  3. After applying the eyeshadow, apply the highlighter to the upper part of the eye below the eyebrow. It will give your eyes shine. ,
  4. The important factor that gives your eyes beautiful beauty is mascara. A good mascara is enough to give your eyelashes a swollen look.
  5. Before you apply mascara, you can also use a lash line. Then mascara is applied, and this lace will certainly give beautiful beauty with their perfect eyelashes.

kohal kajal party eye make-up

Blue party eye make-up with yellow touch
pale yellow party eye make-up
smokey eyes party make-up
Glittering blue party eye make-up
perfect smoky eye make-up for party
Mix of silver purple black eye makeup
Copper party eyes make-up
light copper eye makeup for party
Shimmery silver party makeup

Best Party Makeup Eye Liner 1
Winky Eye Liner for party
thick party eyeliner
long tip party make-up eyeliner
Party eye make-up liner for small eyes
Pink lipstick for party makeup
Red lipstick for makeup
Orange glossy party about lip color
Red lipstick for party makeup
19659059] Tip for a long-lasting party make-up lipstick
Party makeup rouge for contouring
Best party make-up blush
The right way to apply blush for party make-up
Blush light color for party make-up
Dark pink party make-up blush
Concealer application
Decent party make-up look

Soft party make-up with white dress

Dark party make-up with red lip coloring

Light make-up tone for a party

Ravishing party makeup look

Day light party make-up