There are only a few people with amber eyes, so few that you can even say that this eye color is quite unusual. The amber eye color is essentially a combination of yellow and orange that is unique. This eye color is often referred to as wolf eyes.

In the rare amber eyes, this eye color is considered the rarest. People with this eye color usually live in South America and Asia. And this trait is inheritable, which means you can learn a lot about your ancestors from that eye color.

If you’re in the company with celebrities with amber eyes like Evangeline Lilly, Nicole Richie, and Darren Criss, explore what make-up is perfect for your hypnotizing eyes?

Blue cut make-up for amber eyes

Blue-cut Makeup for Amber Eyes #buecutcrease #smokey

The makeup for blue eyes has become one of the most sought-after amber eye make-up since the release of the NPP X Mario range. This amazing idea will give you an admirable way to wear dark blue on your eyes. This look features a beautiful black liner stripe with some golden shimmer and striking blue over the top and the waterline. It is undoubtedly a look that will help you make a statement at the prom.

Pink Shimmer Smokey Eyes Look

Pink Shimmer Smokey Eyes Look #pinksmokey #softarchbrows

Add some pink color to the prom picture with a smokey eye look like this one. The pink Smokey Eye with eyeliner flick and pink glitter over the eyelids makes this look simply irresistible. This make-up suits every lady and every special occasion.

Green Smokey Eyes Makeup

Green Smokey Eyes Makeup #greensmokey #cutcrease

Undoubtedly, it is one of the boldest and oldest colors. However, you can easily achieve this beautiful look if you know how to use it properly. For example, green Smokey eyes are rocking. However, it is important to choose the perfect green according to your hair color and skin color. The way you apply also affects your final look. To get a bold hue like this dark green make-up look, you should not bother touching the foundation and other eye make-up details until everything is done. Do not forget that the eyes and brows make a significant contribution to this look. So start with them and let them work on the rest of the make-up.

Pink pleated look with black eyeliner for dark amber eyes

Pink Crease look with black eyeliner for dark amber eyes #pinkshadow #blackeyeliner

Here comes a cheeky and dramatic pink-eye make-up with black liner. The black liner ensures that the cool eyes in dark amber come in particularly well. Pink eye shadow and black liner make the eyes stand out. This is a must for any lady with dark amber eyes. In addition, the incorporation of pink tones makes the look better suited for the summer. If you are looking for a stunning look for your party on the 5th of August, it fits perfectly! You may have been told that pink and black are a fearsome combination, but this gorgeous look gives you all the reasons to refute that kind of talk.

Everyday smokey make-up look

Everyday smokey make-up look #smokey #easymakeup

Is nude make-up the only thing that makes you look gorgeous, sexy and attractive as you prepare for the party? One thing you can rely on to look erotic and amazingly beautiful is to apply the mystical and magical smokey make-up. Although it may be difficult to wear it properly, it is certainly pretty goofproof.

Gold Smokey Eyes Make-up idea for special occasions

Gold Smokey Eyes special occasion make-up idea #goldglitter #prommakeup

How about a classic holiday makeup? Gold makeup with lots of liquid eyeliner and a touch of light red, dull lipstick that gives it its definition is a fabulous choice. It’s cheeky and gorgeous, and brings you closer to understanding why it’s high on the list of make-up ideas for Christmas this year. If you have trouble keeping your hands steady when putting on the eyelashes, which are very important for this beautiful look, make sure that your elbows are held on a flat surface while looking in the mirror. In this way, you can prevent the tremor that usually occurs when you try to make sure they get done. For the most part of appearance like this, stability is crucial.

Matte Smokey Makeup Idea with Glitter Eyeliner for Bright Amber Eyes

Matte Smokey Makeup Idea with Glitter Eyeliner for Bright Amber Eyes #matteshadow #glittereyeliner

This look highlights your bright amber eyes. It has a sparkling light blue inlay with white top. This classic combination of white and light blue gives your amber eyes a beautiful look. This make-up is ideal for the night and can even be worn during the day, if you like to rock it. Try it!