67+ Amazing DIY lighting ideas


If you want to improve your lighting indoors or outdoors, there are countless brilliant lighting solutions. Twinkle lights can be transformed into fashionable outdoor lighting, sparkling chandeliers or even illuminated artworks. If you like upcycling, you can create eye-catching lights with a variety of household appliances, from cheese graters to washing machine drums. If you prefer recycling, both cardboard and various cables can produce great lights. For the refined, light accents from paper to yarn can be created.

countless brilliant lighting solutions

Crystal Nightlight

Here you will find a lot of amazing lighting ideas.

Do it yourself Glowing Crystal Nightlight
Use gorgeous natural crystal to create a unique night light.

Hospitality Recreation Recycled bottles as chandeliers and lamps
Empty glass bottles can make great chandeliers. A single bottle can even make a unique lamp.

countless brilliant lighting solutions

Crystal Nightlight


Egg Carton Lights

These impressive lights will make your egg cartons creative.


Bicycle sprocket-light pendant

Bicycle sprockets can create fantastic bases and unique accents for lighting fixtures.

countless brilliant lighting solutions

Colander lamp

Use a colander as a lampshade!

Crystal Nightlight

Whiskey bottle lamp

Or recycle an empty whiskey bottle into a lamp!

Do it yourself Cage lights
Get an industrial look with these Cage Lights.

Hospitality Recreation

Hanging lights

Try these charming hanging lamps in your home.

countless brilliant lighting solutions

Crystal Nightlight