53 Sparkling Holiday Nail Art Designs to try this Christmas

Holiday nail art is not a new trend; Every holiday has many trendy and themed nail designs, but there are only a few categories that can match the number of Christmas nail designs. Nail art in general is absolutely amazing and another way to perfect a look. Many people have the imagination to create their own look, but it does not hurt to have a bit of inspiration to get you (or your nail technician) to create the perfect nail design for the upcoming parties. Many of these Christmas nail designs are ready-made nail sets that you can wear later. Some of the nail design ideas and designs for the holidays are the ones you can do at home, or you can quietly ask your friend to help you when you are brave. In any case, buying the perfect Christmas nails for an upcoming party or just some that can be worn throughout the season is incredibly handy.

Many of the Christmas nail designs in the list below can be bought and worn whenever you are ready, but any of them can be used as inspiration at any time. Happy Holidays!

1. Happy Holiday Mani

Snowflakes in hologram style thanks to carefully applied Holofoil and decals and small gemstone accents highlight the Christmas dullness in almost poinsettia red. The contrasting ring finger nail is held in strong white, so that the red design around the Holofoil snowflake really harmonizes with the entire nail design of the holidays.

Nail design for holidays to try on Christmas

2. Sparkling Pink

A great nail set should work on its own and match any look, and those sparkling, soft pink Christmas nails can do that. The subtle glitter of the nails looks fantastic and Stiletto nails are incredibly high on the current trend list.


3. Textured Mani

Matte brown nail color with a subtle silver tone is subtle and aesthetically pleasing, but the salient feature of this holiday nail design is the ring finger nail. The textured nail has the same color and carries a three-dimensional rose decor.

Jack Frost Stilettos

4. Detailed Christmas nails

In this nail design for holidays, each nail has a different design, which is thematized by the interesting representation of a monochrome color scheme. The gold-colored three-dimensional details are used in various ways to keep the aesthetics of the neat nail set interesting, and the silver glitter nail paint (information on how to properly apply glitter nail polish) goes well with the sheen of the black and white designs.

Nails design designs for holidays to try on Christmas

5th Christmas Ornaments

As if Ombre nails were not cool enough, this nail design uses a glitter ombre with painted Christmas ornaments on each nail. The look is complicated and fun with a design that is obviously designed as a holiday nail art with a definite happy holiday appeal.

Holiday nail art designs to try on to Christmas

6. Diamond shine

Shine bright like a diamond is the favorite line of many people, and Rihanna is greatly thanked for playing this song like a mantra to kick-start our day. Now we can pay homage to the line and thought by having them painted as holiday nail art. Silver with rainbow shimmer is almost expected during the holidays, but honestly this would look great for a year.

Nail design for holidays to try on Christmas

7. Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations

White is a great background for bursting colors, but the addition of sparkling three-dimensional stones gives these Christmas nails a breathtaking focus. This nail design for holidays is interesting enough to be a good conversation starter.

Nails for holidays to try on Christmas

8. Monotone Christmas nails

Gray is such an underestimated color that offers such an interesting contrast to others. Here the matte gray is a stunning backdrop for white snowflakes and matte white reinforces the black ornaments and Christmas vacation slogans for a perfect holiday nail design.


9. Pin Up Holiday Nails

Celebrate the holidays with a cute Christmas nail design and a classic pinup on your central nail. The design is clear cut but interesting with classic small beads and gold beads. The overall design is visually interesting and the complex details give the look great interest.

silver glitter nail paint

10. Jack Frost Stilettos

A rich blue with sparkles and snowflakes is a very Christmassy nail art design. The blue is very full, even though the color glitters thick, but in the near and distant view it really looks like snowflakes. It’s a very wintry look that follows an incredible trend in nail shape.

Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas

11. Sparkling Midnight Mani

Cool colors are always a great complement to Christmas nail designs. Here they use a shiny blue gel color, a glittering turquoise and a defining gold line, all of which create a kind of inverted manicure. With the shorter color, which is closer to the cuticle, it is an interesting setting that is still very pretty.

Nail design for christmas

12. Framed dark blue marble

This is another popular nail design for holidays on the list. It is complicated and hypnotic. The gold-colored frame designs are very cool and unexpected. I am sure that we will see much more of this style in the future. The gold is a bright, bright contrast that adds a decisive detail to the nail designs in bright petrol and blue marble.


13. Designs Over Nude

For nail designs for holidays, a popular style will usually include the use of silver or gold somewhere. In this design, we have gold foil and gold leaf to give the entire appearance of the manicure completely unique designs. The intricate white lines give the design an upscale look that does not compromise the aesthetics of the holiday theme.

Nail design for christmas

14. Many marbling

Gold leaves and cool techniques are regarded as enhancing this holiday nail art design. The gold leaf creates a shimmering marble look and accentuates the black and white marble nails. I love the tiny golden triangles that also accentuate the black and white nail.

Holiday Nail Art Designs To Try This Christmas

15. Matte Cute

Matte gives nail designs a nearly soft look, and in this holiday nail design, the polka dots and the accent heart look sweet. The glittering middle nail is also a great accent, but I like the coordination between the colors that produce the overall effect the most.

Nail art

16. Shades of Gray

This holiday nail art combines a variety of popular trends and makes them work together. The sparkling silver glitter will always be a holiday nail art trend, but the matt gray and peach look equally good with the gray offset by lines of silver foil. Finally, the marbled nail looks really cool and fits well with its various accents to the other nail designs.

Nail care

17. Black with a silver sheen

Square nails, painted black and covered with silver shimmer nail polish, look gray. Thanks to the structured appearance and the matte surface, it seems intentional and fashionable.

Holiday Nail Art designs to try on Christmas

18th Lavender Christmas Nail art

If your favorite color is anywhere near this Merry Purple, then this Christmas nail design is perfect for you. The color is bright and cheerful, but accentuated on the middle nail with a splash of purple and silver glitter. The same glitter is used to highlight the small lavender Christmas tree crowned with a silver star on the ring finger. Black snowflakes and silver

Iridescent pink is a bright and shiny background, on which the black-painted snowflakes, which are highlighted in the middle by a silver dot, stand out in particular. The combination of holiday nail designs here works together to emphasize. The shiny black polish emphasizes the black snowflakes, while the silver sparkles from every corner.


19. Accentuated white nails

A goldmine on your ring finger does not always make you think about nail polish, but this is a perfect match for nail design on vacation. The golden triangular accents on the other detailed nails with line art and animal motifs look fantastic and give a totally connected look.

silver glitter nail paint

20. Glitter!

This is one of the nail art designs for holidays that have a high amount of glitter and glitter on holidays.