36 mandelförmige Nageldesigns – niedliche Ideen für Mandelnägel

Almond nails are reminiscent of the shape of a real almond, and at this point this form got its name. This shape has a softer point compared to stiletto nails, but is sharper compared to the round shape. The almond shape is in between.

In order to maintain this shape, it is advisable to grow out the fingernails a little longer. If you put your fingernails in this shape, part of the length is sacrificed. This form requires some weekly rework, but it all depends on your natural nail shape.

Now let’s examine some trendy nail designs for the almond nail shape.

Glamourous white nails with crescent accent #halfmoonaccent

If you are ready to receive ultimate, glamorous nail styles, you should look at these white almond nails. The almond shape is a more common form than some other types of nails. The rhinestones in this nail design are strategically placed to create a specific design. The half-moon accent generated by the rhinestones gives this nail design a beautiful ornamentation.

Easy Almond Nails design for the perfect everyday look

Easy Almond Nails design for the perfect everyday look # blacknails

A nice, simple look for everyday use – black almond nails. Some polishes contain glitter, but this glitter design seems to be applied as a topcoat. This is considered one of the most simple nail designs because there are no extravagant ornaments.

Nice ombre design for almond nails

Almond ombre nail design #glitterombre

Almond-shaped nails are one of the most popular nail shapes that women demand when they receive their manicures. One reason for this is the ability to continue daily activities with these types of nails, as opposed to some difficulties in performing certain tasks with other types of nails. Glitter Ombre is also included in this nail design. If you look closely, this nail job has cute nail art designs of butterflies and moon motifs at the tips.

Naked almond nails with a glittering strip

Naked almond nails with a glitter strip # nudenails

The next nail design we will discuss is the bare long almond nails shown in this photo. The nude color is often chosen for formal events and special occasions. This color has become popular, and women from all walks of life receive bare nails. This particular example has an accent design that is barely perceptible at first glance. But if you look closely, there is a fine silver glitter line at the heart of each fingernail. There are of course more kinds of accents – some are just as unobtrusive and others are more eye-catching.

Simple short nails to make your daily routine brighter

Simple Short Nails To make your daily routine brighter, #shortalmondnails

Our next example is the short almond nails. This design has a manageable length that barely interferes with daily activities, making it popular with active women. This white color on the nails in the photo is very clean and gives a very neat appearance. There are so many designs that can be added to the nails – it’s easy to mix and match them to make your nails unique. Cool nail designs such as appliqués, rhinestones, accents and even individual phrases make each Mani custom.

Red acrylic almond nails for a special occasion

Red Acrylic Almond Nails for A Special Occasion #rednails

These eye-catching red almond nails are stunning with their deep, rich color. Although these nails are not considered short, they are still manageable, so as not to hinder activities too much. There are several types of accents that can be chosen for this design, but the shimmer accent works great with this color selection. There are gel and acrylic options, with the acrylic nail being the cheaper option.

Nice French manicure design

Nice French manicure design #frenchmani

This classic look of The French almond nails are suitable for any occasion. The natural finish with the white tips is a timeless look that is very popular. It is suitable for office, daily and even formal occasions. The classy look of this style appears good to both the CEO of a company and a mother who stays at home, and has no inclination for either class of women. Usually the soft pink color is common for this design due to the natural look of a nail bed.

Pink nails for real princesses

Pink nails for real princesses #pinknails #glitterails

If you have a modern princess in your household, these pink almonds may be just what they want. The subtle pink color is a perfect color for her to show her mischief without being too strong. This model has a glitter accent on the little fingernail, and the flash of that accent really pops. There are different shades of pink, from pastel pink as in the above photo to dark or pink, which would also look good on this nail design.

Bright glitter ombre nails for a party

Bright glitter ombre nails for a party #glittering

The next almond nails we will discuss is this glitter ombre. The glow in this design is festive and ready for a party. The neat design of the glittering dots that fade into glittering tips, accompanied by solid sparkly nails, is a beautiful look. With the red ombre, it is just enough to keep the option for blood red and other red tones open. This color is perfect for any party scene or everyday wear.

Glamorous nude almond nails for every outfit Picture 1

Glamorous naked almond nails for every outfit Picture 2

Glamorous naked almond nails for every outfit Image 3