35 super DIY sofa tables / console tables to place your coffee

Ann Whites

Have you ever looked into your living room and felt the need to add a sofa or console table? Well, it turns out that finding a suitable table in the shops is really difficult.

What about when you create one from scratch? Yes, we are talking about a homemade sofa or a console table.

The main advantage of doing it yourself is that you can make accurate measurements and build exactly the way you want it to be.

Here are 15 great ideas for creating a sofa table and 20 plans for DIY console tables.

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1. The rustic coffee table

 Der rustikale Sofatisch

This DIY coffee table is a wonderful way to maximize the use of space in your living room. Its standard dimensions are 35 inches high and 78 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

However, you can always make some adjustments to meet your desired dimensions. Materials needed for the project include pine boards, metal braces and pine boards.

When all necessary materials are available, assembly of the unit is performed. The completion takes about 5 hours.

The project is quite simple and straightforward, and no special woodworking skills are required.

An additional tip: If you want to give your table a rustic look, you should definitely color the pieces of wood.

2. Sofa Length DIY behind the couch table

 Sofa Length DIY hinter dem Couch-Tisch

This simple DIY coffee table not only helps save space but also brings a lot of modernity with it.

To get started You need wood and screws.

If you are looking for wood, it is a good idea to find pieces that protrude the entire length of the sofa.

In this case, the table extends 9 feet, which is in proportion to the long sofa that is to cover it.


You only have to measure the dimensions of your sofa and adjust these dimensions accordingly.

If the table stands firm, you can provide it with an electric, smooth finish grinder or some sand of about 80.

If done correctly, it will take approximately 4 hours for the project to complete.

 Extra platzsparender $ 25-Sofatisch

The space in your living room is running out? A home improvement behind the coffee table would probably be the best idea to create an extra layer of space.

You can use this extra space to put your wine or add some lighting. The beauty of this design is that it is long and really thin, but just wide enough to hold a few treasures.

You need pine boards and furring pieces. The process begins with attaching the furring strips under the long pine board.

If you have successfully placed the furniture feet in their right places, the job is pretty done.

All you need for this DIY project is a few hours on the weekend and $ 25 for the materials.

4. Rusting Couch Table

 Rusting Couch Table

This design by Anna White is a stunning piece of beauty.

It’s interesting to see how a lot of space can usually be uncovered with a handful of wood and screws. Not enough use behind the couch.

To put this together, you will need about 2 inches x 12 inches x 10 ft planks to serve as the table top.

You will also need 8 pieces of 2 inches x 8 inches x 8 foot planks.

Ann Whites estimates that the total cost of this DIY sofa table should be between $ 20 and $ 50.

Another plus in this design is that only beginner skills are required.

5. The Skinny DIY Sofa Table

 Der Skinny DIY Sofa Table

This skinny sofa table design by Black and Decker not only provides convenient storage space for your home, but also provides a sleek feel in your living room.

Its standard design is suitable for comfortable sofas with dimensions of 12 x 30 x 84 cm.

Luckily you can always adjust the dimensions to the size of your chair. Once this has been found out, you will need plywood for the top.

In addition, you only need two boards with 9 x 81 inches for the shelves and two more with 9 x 29-1 / 4 inches for the shelves legs.

Apart from cutting and trimming, the rest of the process can be done by anyone who knows how to put holes in the lumber.

6. Stylish X Sofa Table

 Stylish X Sofa Table

Cedar planks and pine boards are the only materials you will need to assemble this X Sofa Table.

The design is relatively straightforward and suitable for everyone, even beginners, should not have any problems with nailing.

With the legs up, all you have to do is place the table on the floor to add the iconic X to the remaining cedar boards.

Of course you do not have to be a mathematical genius.

In addition, the X makes this table even more stable and stable.

Once this is done, you can add a unique table character the way you like it.

7. Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

 Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

The good thing about using reclaimed woods is that you can save costs and also achieve an elusive rustic effect.

Indeed, this design, if done right, can add an interesting twist to your interior.

You will need 4 × 3 wood planks, a flat recycled piece of wood, a few wood screws and of course some corner brackets.

The rest of the process is to cut the wood to the desired size of wood before winding it up with the legs screwed together.

The table should take shape in less than 2 hours – if you get it right.

8. The thoughtful homemade coffee table

 Der nachdenkliche hausgemachte Couchtisch
This is another design behind the coffee tables that you would really appreciate.

It offers just enough space to place your favorite book, houseplants and even a remote control.

The materials you need are your everyday items such as wood, dowel rod, sanding block and wire swarf.

To make the work even easier, you can let this your sawmill cut the wooden planks for you.

Honestly, you do not need beginner skills to hammer this together.

9. Mini Coffee Cum Coffee Table

 Mini Coffee Cum Couchtisch

Who says that coffee tables with the typical design have to come “behind the couch”? This side-by-side design is a great way to break the norm.

It also saves you time and money to get the job done.

The list of materials includes a small piece of wood, which serves as a structure table top and 2 × 2 sinkers for support.

If you are lucky enough to have some scrap wood nearby, the total budget for assembly is reduced to $ 15.

The best deal is that you get this table ready and dusted in less than 2 hours.

10. The Transformation DIY Sofa Table

 Der Transformations-DIY-Sofa-Tisch

This simple project does not require fancy cuts or special tools.

In fact, as long as you have wood planks for the table top and legs, the rest of the process is as good as done.

It is always a good idea to add a support beam to connect the two legs.

This makes the whole structure stable. You really do not want to park your precious flower vases on a rickety table.

On average, this should take just over an hour.