35 NEW wine nail designs (with wine glass and wine bottle)

Wine glass nail art is very popular nowadays, so it’s time to share the best manicure ideas with you. Check out and pin if you want!


The pictures below were found on Pinterest and Instagram. And they are fabulous! A great choice for any party, New Year’s Eve and other special occasions:

1. Wonderful black and red wine nail design.

Bordo-wine-themed Nail Design
Wine-themed Nail Design

2. Matt nail design with a glass of wine and a bottle.

Matte-Wine-bottle nails

3. Oval white nails with one hand and a wineglass.

White Wine nails

4. Nail design “Keep calm and drink wine”.

Keep calm and drink nails

5. Autumn wine glass design on nails (with umbrella).

Fall Wine Nail Design

6. Wine-like nails with heart.

Wine Heart Nail Design

7. Marsala + white wine glass nail art.

Glass of Wine Nail Design

8. Dark and bright red wine glass nails.

Wineglass Manicure

9. Wine glass on dumbbells

Frosted Glass of Wine nail art

10. Oval Bordeaux nails with a glass of wine design.


11. Mulled Nipples.

Mulled wine Nail Design

12. Black nail design “Stay calm and drink wine.”


13. Wine manicure on short nails.

Short wine nails

14. Creative wine that feels like Friday night.

Sweet-themed nail art

15. Nail design with a 3D glass of wine (with glitter).

3D Glass of Wine Nail Design