24 DIY Christmas gifts for friend

On the hunt for Christmas presents for a friend? Surprise your husband or your friends not only with these creative gifts, but also with your thoughtful and craftsmanlike skills!

Christmas gifts for the friend you can make yourself

1. Cute DIY framed wall art

Cute DIY framed wall art | DIY christmas gifts for friend

Here’s an inspiration for a Christmas gift that reminds him how much he means to you. With some basic Word know-how, you can easily pull through this straightforward craft.

2. 7 days of love

 7 Tage der Liebe | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Here’s a creative use of a Monday-Sunday pills box: Give him seven days of love with some sweet treats and love notes for your sweetheart! A bit cheesy, but hey, we’re all in love with fools.

3. DIY stenciled T-shirt

 DIY schabloniertes T-Shirt | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Customize a simple t-shirt for a Christmas present for your friend. Try your favorite quote, a special message or your initials!

4. 12 months pre-planned date nights

 12 Monate vorgeplante Datumsnächte | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

With these 12 monthly dates, you’ll have a brainstorming session for you and him for those 12 months of scheduled monthly appointments in no time!

5. DIY love vouchers

 DIY Liebesgutscheine | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

This DIY gift book full of great ideas will be a hit with every man! Get the free prints here.

6. DIY carved with initial candle

 DIY geschnitzt mit Initialkerze | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Carving initials on a tree are so old school! How about carving your initials on a candle? It’s so easy, a cuticle remover would work well! See tutorial here

7. Secret Love Notes – Pillowcase

Secret Love Notes - Pillowcase | DIY christmas gifts for friend

Imagine your husband wake up next to this one? What do you think would be his reaction? This cute heart bag on a pillow is a charming way to bring love letters!

8. DIY Fingerprint Heart Mug

DIY Fingerprint Heart Mug | DIY christmas gifts for friend

Take it from your mom, your friend will love this simple pleasure that looks more than you might think. Your own thumbprint makes this mug. Add some sweet treats to help in his office.

9. Lipstick art

 Lippenstift Art | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Hit away to create this sweet personalized lipstick art for your friend! I bet he’ll be proud to let that hang in his room.

10. A kiss in your paperback

 Ein Kuss in deinem Taschenbuch | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für einen Freund

Make your own paperback book where you’ll kiss if you blow him! He will absolutely love this unique DIY gift.

11. Mason Jar Matchbox

 Einmachglas Matchbox | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

This DIY Mason Jar Matchstick Dispenser is ideal for candles during romantic dinners! It is a DIY mason jar gift that a man would appreciate.

12. Sweets in the glass

 Süßigkeiten im Glas | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

This sweet jar of sugary treats saying “We love you to pieces!” Will definitely put a smile on his face. It’s one of the DIY Christmas gifts, because at the last minute you can start in no time!

13. “I love you because …” DIY Message Board

DIY Message Board

This is the perfect way to show that the guy is valued for everything he does – no matter how little. This is a simple DIY project that comes with a freely printable note, but you must specify the rest of the message.

14. Crochet wrap bracelet with button

Crochet wrap bracelet with button | DIY christmas gifts for friend

These bracelets for DIY bracelets are so cute with endless choices of colors and buttons! Feel free to decide which one is best for the taste of your friend.

15. Sticks’ n Stones

 Sticks' n Stones | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Here’s a perfect and reasonably priced rustic DIY gift that will warm the heart of your outdoor man. You need to keep your eyes open to look for the perfect stick and stone.

16. Chocolate bar card

 Schokoriegel-Karte | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Get creative and sweet with chocolate bars in this unique Christmas card idea for your friend! With this DIY gift idea, he will laugh and be impressed by your sweetness and creativity.

17. DIY picture frame picture strip

 DIY-Fotoautomaten-Bildstreifen | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Create your own photo booth picture strip with the best pictures of you and your sweetheart! Or you can use this chic Christmas Magnet idea with the same pictures for your friend as well.

18th wall art scrabble

Wall Art Scrabble | DIY christmas gifts for friend

Surprise your friend with this Scrabble tile art that always reminds him of your feelings for him. It would be perfect if you and your friend have something for board games, especially Scrabble.

19. Homemade ties

Homemade Ties | DIY christmas gifts for friend

Your husband will be thrilled with these DIY ties, and they are so easy to do. It comes with a free sample. With your basic sewing skills you can achieve this with flying colors!

20. Comic books for DIY coasters

 Comic-Bücher für DIY-Untersetzer | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

Is your friend a comic fan? These DIY comic book coasters will surely be a winner with this lot. He will also love his fantastic vintage look!

21. Zen Garden

 Zen Garden | DIY-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Freund

This is the coolest gift for a man who has a desk or office job – a Zen garden on a budget! A soothing activity for your husband makes you a most thoughtful friend of all time.

22. Cement planters

Cement planters | DIY christmas gifts for friend

Do you have a gardener? These cement planters with an amazing organic feel will make his day! But whether your guy has gardens or not, a green thing is a sight for his sore eyes in the office.

23. iPad cover

iPad cover | DIY christmas gifts for friend