23 Trippy Illusion Makeup is looking for Halloween

You are looking for make-up ideas for Halloween, but you want unique designs? Then look no further because you are in the right place. We found 23 trippy illusion makeup looks for Halloween. Illusion makeup is a great choice for Halloween as it can turn your face into many strange, wonderful, scary and scary things if you only use make-up. We have something for everyone, from masks to obverse faces. Take a look and prepare your make-up bag.


The first idea of ​​illusion that we need to share with you is this mask design. The artist has created the illusion that she is wearing a face mask. Not only that, but she has added cracks and made it look as if the eye had fallen off. Illusion makeup like this is scary and perfect for Halloween. TRIPPY TWO FACED MAKEUP

Our next idea contains an illusion where everyone looks twice. This makeup artist has created a half face design. One half of her face is normal, while the other side seems to be upside down! The eyebrow was pulled under the eye with a mouth and a nose on the head. This is a fantastic make-up idea and you can re-create this with any design. Try to look upside down as in the picture or something more frightening for Halloween.

Trippy Two Faced Illusion Makeup Look


Next, we have a very trippy make-up idea that shows lips and teeth over the eyes. As you can see, the artist has created the illusion that her eyes are actually smiling mouths. What really drives this crazy is that the mouth designs fit their real mouth, so it really confuses you when you look at it. We love this!

Make-up idea for the illusion of smiling eyes


Looking for a unique idea of ​​illusion? Then this next design is perfect. Here’s an illusion that makes it look like your face is sucked into a vacuum. It’s a fun design that requires you to think twice about using the vacuum cleaner. You can replicate this look with every make-up on eyes and lips. SEEING DOUBLE

No, you do not see a double, it’s just a double vision illusion make-up! This artist has created another set of facial features with make-up that makes it look like each one is on her face twice. If you were wearing makeup like this for a Halloween party, it would freak everyone out. It’s a make-up look that will definitely be remembered.

Double Vision make-up look for Halloween


Next, we have another illusion idea that includes facial features. For this look, the face was transformed into sections with black make-up. There is a facial feature in each section, some are real and the others are not. Make-up like this would be so trippy at night or in the dark because the black make-up fuses, making it look more real and confusing when people look at your face.

Make-up illusion for facial features


Our next illusion idea seems to be moving. The artist has created many sentences of her eyes, lips and nose giving a silent frame look. It’s like watching her jump or move in slow motion so you can see every movement. We love this trippy and unique design.

Moving Face Makeup Illusion