23 Homemade Christmas decorations | Christmas decoration ideas

Spend less time and feel especially festive when making your own home-made Christmas decorations with these simple and sophisticated ideas.

Homemade Christmas decorations for happy holidays

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Make your Christmas decorations warm and cheerful with these wonderful ideas for home-made Christmas ornaments that you can easily draw in your homestead with easily-available materials.

1. DIY pine cone ornament

 DIY Kiefernkegel-Verzierung | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen

Pinecone decorations for the holidays Photo by homesteading

If you put some pine cones (eg with paint as shown), this is a nice way to bring the rustic charm inside. Pine cones come in many shapes and sizes, so you can customize it to your liking.

2. Ornaments made of hot cocoa

 Ornamente aus heißem Kakao | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments Photo by Sprinkle Some Fun

Are you looking for a fun and festive home-made ornament? This hot cocoa mix ornament is a sure success! If you use it as a homemade gift, your recipient will stay warm and happy!

3. Christmas tree decorations made of copper wire star

4. Cinnamon ornaments

 Zimtverzierungen | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Cinnamon Apples Heart Ornament Photo by Katy Elliott

Imagine what brings this cinnamon applesauce heart jewelery into your home? I will definitely do a lot of it! I can not wait to snoop on my homestead once the applesauce has evaporated in my oven …

5. Glitter book ball ornaments

Glitter book ball ornaments | Homemade Christmas decorations | Christmas decoration ideas
Joy Decoupage Christmas Ornament Photo by Ann’s Life Life

Recycle your old sheet music by transforming it into a homemade decoupage of joy! Grab some clear ornaments, unpack them with vintage music sheets, then wipe them off with some glitter and attach them with the word “Joy”. Simple Christmas decoration, right?

6. Rolled Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

 Gerolltes Papier Weihnachtsbaum Ornament | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Roll paper christmas tree decoration photo by their tool belt

Collect your crafting utensils. Roll some scrapbook paper, cover it with Mod Podge or colorful washi tape to make this stunning rolled-up Christmas tree ornament from rolled paper. It is super cute and leaves such a statement!

7. DIY branch snowflake ornaments

DIY branch of snowflake ornaments | Homemade Christmas decorations | Christmas decoration ideas
Handmade Christmas Ornament: Rustic Branch Snowflake. Photo by Yellow Bliss Road

Take some twigs, shape them into snowflakes and add the ornaments, twine, button labels, berries, pine needles and felt. These rustic wooden snowflakes should look amazing on your wall for festive and warm Christmas decor.

8th Christmas ornament time capsule

 Weihnachtsverzierungs-Zeitkapsel | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Christmas Ornament Time Capsule {DIY} Photo byThe Farmer’s Nest

A beautiful reflective ornament to keep memories fresh and special. Make a Christmas Ornament Time Capsule for each family member so they have their own souvenirs year after year.

9. Embroidery hoop Christmas decorations

 Stickrahmen Weihnachtsschmuck | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Embroidery hoop Christmas decorations Photo by Remodela Casa

Embroidery hoops Christmas decorations, somehow intimidating! But hey, do not judge this ornament by its name alone. Look at the tutorial, it’s very simple. You do not need a needle, you do not need time for sewing. All you need is an embroidery hoop and a fabric with some designs, glue and scissors.

10. Etched snowflake ornaments

 geätzte Schneeflocke Ornamente | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Etched Snowflake Ornaments in Birch Photo by Design Mom

You know, rustic is in! Add the rustic charm to your Christmas tree with these etched snowflake ornaments. Draw a snowflake in a wooden disc and burn it. Drill a hole for your band and hang it up. It works so fast!

11. Cranberry love on a wire

 Cranberry-Liebe auf einem Draht | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Cranberry Heart Photo of Notes from Rochester

For a happy touch of your traditional cranberry garland, create a happy heart with fresh or dried cranberries and a thin wire. Hang it on your Christmas tree or make it a perfect treat for your feathered friends.

12. Bottle cap snowman ornament

 Kronkorken Schneemann Ornament | Selbst gemachte Weihnachtsschmuck | Weihnachtsdekorationsideen
Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament Photo by Amy Latta Creations

This bottle cap snowman is easy to make with just a little paint, glue and tape scraps. A fun project that I can do with my grandchildren, the smallest become for painting and the older for the detail work. I can not wait any longer…

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Homemade Christmas ornaments make your home decor something very special. For this reason, craftsmen and home improvement have some of the most unusual and unique Christmas decorations. This quick and easy Christmas craft should give you more ideas to make your decor more interesting this year. Have fun decorating and have a nice holiday!

What are your favorite homemade Christmas decorations from this list? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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