20 Best Types of Body Piercing Ideas That You Can Try 2019

Body Piercing is an art that can enhance the look of the human body. Sometimes, however, stinging can look ugly. There are different forms of body piercing, namely

  • Navel Piercing / Navel Piercing
  • ear piercing
    – Daith piercing
    – Conch piercing
    – Industrial piercing
    – Tragus piercing
  • tongue Piercing
  • Piercing
  • – Septum piercing
    – Medusa piercing
  • Pierced nipples
  • lip Piercing
    – Labret piercing
  • Eyebrow piercing
  • Nave Piercing
  • Dimple piercing
  • Hip piercing


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These are some of the most important types of body piercing that have been discussed individually in this article.

Navel Piercing / Navel Piercing

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The navel piercing is an ancient form of piercing used by members of the Egyptian royal family. The navel piercing originated in the 90s of the last century and became popular. Some do it for the look, others do it to show special people. There are different types of navel piercing:

  • “Innie” is the widely accepted form of navel piercing. It is performed directly over the umbilical plug.
  • “Outie” is another form of navel piercing that runs on the left side of the belly button. The risk of getting blood out of the blood is higher.

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  • “Upper edge” is a standardized navel piercing form that is executed on a navel ring.
  • Lower edge

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ear piercing

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The ear piercing was popular in ancient times and is still very popular today. Women usually get too many holes in their ears to improve their appearance. Even men can pierce an ear in different places. The ear piercing is always in fashion, although the style of the earring may change over time. For a secure ear piercing, the following tips should be noted.

  • Make sure that the person making the ear piercing follows hygienic practices.
  • The equipment used must be clean and sterilized.
  • Properly sterile and disposable Needles must be used to pierce the ear.

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Some signs of infection after piercing the ear can be considered

  • be noticed] swelling
  • warmth
  • Bad smell
  • itching
  • Rashes on pierced area

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1 . Daith Piercing!


Human body


A Daith piercing is the most effective cure for migraine. This happens through the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. Well! The theory of Daith piercings that relieve migraine is based on the idea of ​​targeting a specific pressure point and replicating the principle of acupuncture, resulting in a positive outcome.

2. Conch Piercing!

Body modification

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Cartilage piercing

This is one of the most popular types of body piercing ideas that is performed on the cartilage of the ear, but in a much simpler way. Basically, there are two types of shell piercings – inside and outside. The inner shell piercing, however, is successfully performed in the middle of the cartilage; The outer shell is performed on the flat surface of the ear. And you do not have to worry because the shellfish piercing is just a little bleeding, but your artist will take care of it.

3. Industrial Piercing!

Daith piercing

Ear piercing

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If you are into industrial piercing, maybe you have a few questions? For example: what advantages does it offer? Where exactly can you carry out an industrial piercing? It’s obvious, but do not panic – this type of piercing is popular with both men and men. It is also known by the name “scaffold piercing,” in which two or more piercings of the ear cartilage are connected to a long dumbbell.

4. Tragus Piercing!


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Body piercing

Interestingly, piercing piercing requires extra pressure from the piercer, as the tragus sign is thick and hard to reach. If you are extremely fashion-conscious and willing to try exciting things to get a classic look that is unique to others, the triangular tragus just in front of the ear canal or just above the lobe is the right choice.

Cartilage piercing