15 simple hairstyles for long hair

Long hair has always been charming. Whether just left open, with long curly hair or even with a folded bun, they wear a different and elegant look for every occasion and every outfit. Since they are provided with a long length, it is also easy to get any kind of hairstyle for normal or occasional days. This is one of the reasons why ladies are moving towards growing long hair. Similarly, women are now looking for simple hairstyles for long hair on the Internet that will give them the best looks without spending hours on the look. But are all hairstyles done for you? No, the hairstyle also depends on the facial cut.

Here are some quick and easy hairstyles that will help you get the hair look you want, saving you time, nerves and effort. 15 light hairstyles for long hair

1. Outer curls with lateral tuck hair behind the ear

This starlet looks like long curls on one side will fall down, while the back ear cut on the other side would look down, which would certainly put a few eyes on you. The hairstyle gives the best look when used on freshly washed hair for evening parties and dinners.

  • Take 5 cm haircut each time and make curls from the lower half of the hair. Make a point to curl the hair with a curling iron.
  • Make a dividing wall of your hair and pull it to one of the sides.
  • Pull your hair from the side where there is less hair on the face and back of the head, push it up.
  • Finally, use a light hair spray to hold the hair and make sure it is free of ripples.

2. Highlighted updo with chaotic long panned side bang

Are you coming too late to work? This hairstyle gives the best look when your hair is not ready to get dressed. This simple hairstyle for long hair makes for a simple yet professional look in just one minute. Although it has a messy texture, it still looks appealing.

  • If you leave your side aside, take the remaining hair and roll it back to make a bun. Do not comb it, as it would not look messy.
  • When twinkling the bun with pins, make sure that the hair tips remain in the outer direction and create a messy appearance.
  • Push the hair with a comb on one side of the face.

3. Simple pony with hair wraps

Although this hairstyle is simple, it still gives women with long hair a sleek look. The hairstyle is made both for regular styling and for special occasions to get a neat look by using the hair strip as a rubber band. To get this sophisticated hairstyle:

  • Using a straightener, remove all hair by picking small strips of it.
  • Use a comb and make a ponytail on the back.
  • Tie the hair with arubber And how to scratch a tiny strip from the tail.
  • Wrap it around the ponytail while holding the ponytail up.
  • Use a needle to fix the rest of the ponytail.

4. Side ponytail with mess

A simple ponytail in this hairstyle gets a messy look with bangs for a perfect look. The hairstyle comes with a range of fine curls and wraps that give your hair a stylish touch on one side. The hairstyle is a perfect complement for evening parties, special occasions for weddings etc. To get this messy yet pretty look:

  • Open your curls with a brush to give the curls a perfect volume.
  • Take your hair
  • Leave it open and tie the hair together after you have pulled it on the shoulder or something over it.
  • Use your fingers to open the curls of the hair, which they tighten slightly on the side of the ponytail
  • To get that touch upside down, use a comb or brush to straighten the hair.
  • You can also use a couple of hairs to cover the rubber band, creating a loose, messy look.

5. Beehive hair bun with side beats

This hairstyle is adopted for retro theme parties. The bun gives you a flattering look from others and gives you a mysterious look. With a large number of windings, this hair bun gives your hair an amazing volume that is also decorated with side cuts. Simple steps for this wonderful hairstyle include:

  • Make haircuts from ear to ear in a horizontal direction.
  • Take a teasing comb and give your hair a falling down back
  • Set your blows aside and use a comb with a thick tooth to pull all the hair back on the front.
  • Gather all the hair you have straightened in the middle and use bobby pins to pin it down
  • Collect all hanging, remaining strips of hair, roll them into a knot and put them under the beehive you made.
  • Attach the formed knot with a few fine hairpins under the hive.
  • Dress up Your page moves in the middle of the page, causing it to bulge outward.


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