11 Simple and Unique DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends

Are you looking for special DIY Christmas gifts that you can give this Christmas to your friends? Create and customize one of the following ideas.

Simple DIY Christmas gifts for friends

Simple homemade Christmas gifts for your friends

Do not forget to make something special for your friends during this holiday season! Be inspired by these 11 Christmas gift ideas for friends. From chocolate jewelery to soap to sugar peeling, these gift ideas are ideal for a Christmas atmosphere. Show everyone on your list how much they mean to you, with these cool, but inexpensive Christmas surprises.

Sometimes I put so much emphasis on what I should give my husband, that I forget to invest time and energy in making (or buying) gifts my very special friends. This year I will not repeat this mistake. I repeat: I will not repeat this mistake.

This year, I decided to make all my best friends a simple, luxurious DIY soap (# 8 on this list). If soap is not your thing, here are 10 other great DIY Christmas gifts for friends. There must be something here that your friends will love – and you will love to build.

1. Hot chocolate decorations

Hot chocolate ornaments | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments ~ Diy Christmas Gift Idea Photo by Sprinkle Some Fun

These inexpensive Christmas gifts for your friends can be used to decorate a tree – or fill up a belly! These hot chocolate embellishments are not only suitable for Christmas decorations, they are also a delicious dessert for your loved one.

2. DIY marble dipped mug

DIY marble dipped mug | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends
DIY Marble Dipped Mug Photo by The Sweetest Occasion

Your friends will need something to put this hot cocoa in. The answer? These adorable DIY marble dipped cups. Every time they take a sip, they think of you! What a great way to decorate a boring white cup!

3. Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends
DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts Photo of Something Turquoise

Sometimes you just need something a little bit stronger than hot cocoa. These mason jar cocktail gifts are perfect for all your favorite drunkards. Your friends will definitely love these quick and easy homemade Christmas gifts. You can even have your own Christmas party with loved ones.

4. DIY Photo Tile Coaster

DIY Photo Tile Coaster | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends
The Perfect Personalized Gift: DIY Tile Photo Coasters Photo by Popsugar

Personalized gifts are always a great success. These DIY Photo Tile Covers are so cute. With the right photos, these coasters will make great DIY Christmas gifts! Would not your friends like to receive meaningful homemade gift ideas?

5. Gift in a cup

Gift in a cup | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends
Gift in a cup Photo of So much for dew

Who does not love gift wrapping, which is actually another gift? You can fill the inside of the cup with a gift card, teabags, a bath bomb, and a few treats. As long as it fits in the cup, you can give it all in this gift to make it just right for someone you admire. You can get the same type of mug or container for all your friends, but you can customize it with what each person loves!

6. “You are the best since sliced ​​bread” gift

Gift Ideas for the Holidays: Printable Bread Wrap Photo by Thirty Handmade Days

Homemade Christmas gift ideas are great too! Do you bake? Time to share your baked treats with your friends and loved ones! You can make your biscuits look like gingerbread houses, snowmen, Christmas balls or even Christmas heads to make them more festive. Here are some delightful, freely printable packages to decorate your home-made bread.

7. Quote wall art

[embedded content]

Improve your skills as a paver for this next point on the list. This quote wall art is another simple and inspired DIY Christmas gift for friends. Not only does this project look great, it’s also a good motivation.

8. 10 minutes of milk and honey soap

10 minutes milk and honey soap | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends
10-minute DIY milk and honey soap photo of Happiness is Homemade

As the stress of the Christmas business ebbs, our friends deserve pampering. This 10-minute milk and honey soap soothes your senses. These homemade Christmas gifts are not only simple, they are also done quickly! So if you need a last-minute gift, you can try making this moisturizing soap.

9. DIY mint sugar peeling

DIY mint sugar peeling | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends
DIY Mint Sugar Scrub & Holiday Gift Ideas Photo by Liz Fourez [Love Grows Wild]

Too good not to share! With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own fantastic peppermint sugar scrub. You’ll be surprised how this skin feels with this organic exfoliant. it smells good too!

10. Wrapping paper caddy

Wrapping Paper Caddy | Simple and unique DIY Christmas gifts for friends
Wrapping Paper Caddy Photo by I Heart Naptime

Share the spirit of cunning by giving your friends all the tools they need to start their own DIY projects. This gift wrap caddy would make the perfect gift for your friend of gift wrap. Maybe they will make their own DIY Christmas gifts next year to give them to you!

11. Homemade wine cork reindeer

These cork reindeer are not only super cute, they are fun too and are easy to do! The best thing is, you can add a string and a hook to each one to make an instant homemade Christmas ornament! You can even customize each reindeer to your friend’s personality. Maybe you can have glasses or a miniature version of your friend’s favorite hat. Your loved ones will surely have a good laugh when you start handing out your gifts! Read our guide in this post.