10 simple step-by-step instructions for beginners

If you are a beginner, the make-up world can be incredibly frightening. Makeup is not just a layer of mascara and a touch of lip gloss. Applying make-up requires a unique skill, from stroking to stroking, from contour to strobe. Of course, when you first start with make-up, all the different terms and techniques that accompany the process are very confusing. You probably have no idea which brushes to use where, which products are best for your skin, and which make-up looks complement your eye shape.

When it comes to makeup, there is definitely a lot to learn a beginner. If you are ready to invest some time and effort in learning, there is no reason why you can not become a professional in no time. However, mastering the basics of make-up does not have to be that difficult. You can easily learn how to create a variety of beautiful and simple make-up looks as you develop your skills. Just try not to get overwhelmed. The world of make-up is much easier and less frightening than it seems.

Here are the 10 easy step-by-step tutorials for beginners

Simple step-by-step instructions for beginners

Purple is a great color when you dive into the make-up universe for the first time. Purple supplements every eye color from green to hazelnut to bright blue. The cool hue also helps to highlight your eyes in a semi-dramatic way. However, it is not so difficult to deal with and merge with other darker colors like gray or black.

Simple, step-by-step instructions for make-up for beginners

Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty with some shimmer. Even if you only start with makeup. Surprisingly, using glitter and shimmering eyeshadow in make-up looks can make it easier to create gorgeous looks. Shimmery eye shadows are more forgiving than those with a matte finish, as they blur the lines of your make-up and mask the appearance of the unmixed make-up for a smooth finish] If you want to create simple eye shadow looks, you need to consider an important formula. Use three different complementary eye shadows. Place the brightest shadow in the inner corner of your eyelid, the middle shadow in the center of your eyelid, and the darkest shadow in the outer corner of your eyelid to create a smooth, mixed look.

Simple step by step instructions for make-up For beginners

Navy blue is another color that looks good with almost any eye color. As in this look above, you do not always have to apply the eye shadow over the entire eyelid. That can create an exaggerated look. Sometimes applying a darker color to the outer corner of the eye and along the lower eyelash line is more than sufficient.

Simple step by step instructions for beginners

Eyeshadows with a matte finish are very vindictive. However, this reality does not mean that you should be afraid to use it in your make-up look. Just keep things simple. Stick with different shades of the same color and mix as much as you can.

Simple step by step instructions for beginners

Smokey eyes are one of the most classic make-up looks, but they are also one of the most daunting for many beginners. The smoky look should not frighten you. When you start with this look, stay away from super dark eyeshadows. Keep the darker shades to a minimum and use them to dramatize your look without overdoing it.

Simple step-by-step instructions for beginners

A little glimmer inside the corner of your eye can work wonders for your make-up look. This transformative trick helps lighten your eyes and makes your overall appearance seem more complex and professional, even if it’s naturally very simple.

Simple step-by-step instructions for beginners

Even if your makeup skills are still low Do not be afraid to create dramatic eye make-up looks that affect your entire eyelid. Just make sure you know where to apply which shades to get the best possible look. Keep darker tones below the lid crease or eyelid. Then apply lighter, shimmering shades as a lightening highlight on your forehead.

Simple, step-by-step guide for beginners

Winged eyeliner is another classic make-up look that is scary for beginners. It does not have to be that difficult, Winged Liner just needs some practice and patience to master it. You can make it a whole lot easier by using a bent brush to more precisely outline and fill your winged liner.

Simple step-by-step instructions for beginners

Do not be afraid to mix different colors to create a beautiful combination make-up look. Just make sure you always use complementary colors. This trick makes a mixed and smooth finish to your look. The mix of mauve and silver eyeshadows in the above look is a perfect example of a smooth and complementary combination.