10 kostenlose einfache Vogelhauspläne, die Sie jetzt erstellen können

1. Whimsical birdhouse with a perch
 Wunderliches Vogelhäuschen mit einer Barsch

This whimsical birdhouses plan is an exciting project that you can do with your kids on the weekend. And you can do it with your leftover pieces of wood.

The article about their tool belt describes how to use the different sections of the bird house and the wooden parts. There are also some PDF sketch files that will help you understand how to cut the different parts.

This bird feeder also contains a perch that you can make with an old spoon.

2. Simple Bluebird DIY Bird House

 Einfaches Bluebird DIY Bird House
If you want some bollards to nest on your property, you should make them a comfortable home, and it’s also pretty easy to build. 19659003] In these special Bluebird Birdhouse plans, old barn wood is used and the design is simple, so this should be both a cost effective and a fast project.

The image tutorial guides you through the crucial stages of the build. but it’s all about cutting and screwing the barn wood to make a simple birdhouse.

3. Easy $ 2 DIY Birdhouse

 Easy $ 2 DIY Birdhouse

You do not need any special skills to build this wooden box because it has a straightforward and kid-friendly design and can help your little ones with it.

But the most amazing thing is that it only costs $ 2, and you can build it in a few hours. The simple bird house plans originally came from Ana White, and the article “100 Things 2 Do” leads back to their website, where you can get a more complete tutorial.

4. The beautifully painted DIY Bluebird Birdhouse

 Das wunderschön bemalte DIY Bluebird Birdhouse

Here’s another simple birdhouse plan for the Bluebirds, which is also pretty easy and quick to build.

The tutorial is very detailed and includes a list of materials for all sections of the aviary. These include some cedar, pine or red wood pieces and wood screws.

In this article, you’ll find some diagrams that will help you understand how to cut your lumber and text instructions to guide you through the design.

5. DIY Basic and Classic Birdhouse

 DIY Basic und Classic Birdhouse
For a minimal budget and in just a few hours you can create a simple birdhouse like this one with an appealing classic look.

So easy Birdhouse design is easy for beginners to create and uses a 1 × 8 cedar plate, galvanized wire, cover screws and some wood glue.

The Lowes tutorial contains the tool and material list as well as step-by-step instructions with pictures for assembling all sections and executing the executions.

6. The homemade birdhouse nesting shelf

 Das selbstgemachte Vogelhäuschen-Nistregal

The nesting shelters provide the birds with an open space where they can build a house that is similar to what they would use in the wild, and therefore they are more likely

DIY Garden Plans aviary is also quite straightforward and you only need a few pieces of wood that are suitable for outdoor use, such as pine, redwood or cedar.

Wood and wooden tools such as wood screws and finishing nails allow you to implement the simple bird house plans in an afternoon.

7. Cedar Wood DIY Teapot Birdhouse

 Cedar Wood DIY-Teekanne Birdhouse
Sometimes it’s a good idea to break away from traditional birdhouse design and try something interesting like this.

The detail and detail The shape of the aviary’s teapot makes it a bit complicated, but anyone who can follow instructions can build it.

In addition, you need a few other things from the cedar wood such as a water pipe and some accessories Nails However, there is a list of everything you need for the project.

8. Simple freestanding DIY birdhouse (20 $)

 Einfaches freistehendes DIY-Vogelhäuschen (20 $)

This fun birdhouse project costs about $ 20 to build, and you can finish it in just half a day. And you can use any coniferous wood that you have or can get from your local timber retailer.

The Family Handyman contains detailed text instructions for the aviary and helpful diagrams that help you understand the dimensions and shapes of the entire wood pieces.

There are also pictures of all the steps of the construction to make this tutorial easy to understand.

9. The license plate birdhouse

 Das Nummernschild-Vogelhaus

A little creativity and redesignation are enough to build this bird house. The birdhouse uses an old license plate for the roof, and you also need a 2 meter cedar of 2 × 8 cedar wood.

With the timber and license plate and your usual woodworking tools such as screws and nails, you can make this accessory yourself Birdhouse in a few hours.

10. Easy Soft Wood DIY birdhouse

 Easy Soft Wood DIY-Vogelhäuschen

If you have a few pieces of pine or cedar wood in the workshop, they are perfect for this birdhouse and you do not have to buy any other timber

For this simple bird house plan you also need to buy a few wood screws, but most sections use glue and clamps to make sure you get stronger and more watertight connections.

The Timber Mart article describes the project in detail, and you also get the free birdhunt patterns in a PDF document.