10 koreanische Schönheitsgeheimnisse, die viele Leute nicht kennen

Lately, we have all been obsessed with Korean beauty products, perhaps because their products tend to use less chemicals than ours. Or maybe it’s because her skin always looks immaculate. For some reason, we are all interested in finding out their beauty secrets.

We’ve done some research and discovered 10 Korean beauty secrets that will not only benefit you, but will make your skin grateful. Koreans are known to have amazing skin that is flawless, hydrated and wrinkle-free. With these Korean beauty secrets you can now have the best skin.

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10. Right diet

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The Koreans have discovered that the key to beautiful, youthful skin starts in the food you eat. Your diet has a lot to do with the look of your skin. The better you eat, the better your skin appears. If you want clear skin, you should stay away from greasy foods, as these tend to make your body produce more oils, especially in your T-Zone.

It is a basic rule for Koreans to eat a proper diet, as they believe they are what you eat, so their diet consists of lots of fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of water is also a very important part of your daily diet.

9. Use of eye cream and hand cream

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The skin around us Eyes and hands are 3xs thinner than the skin of your body. For this reason, it is important to keep it always moist and hydrated. Especially when it comes to the night. The key is to buy a thick eye cream that contains moisturizing components like coconut oil.

This ensures that your skin is hydrated at all times. Apply thick eye cream on the top of your hands to prevent premature wrinkling. This will help prevent wrinkles on hands and eyes as well as puffiness and dark circles.

8. Natural facial masks

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The Koreans Believe The best products come directly from nature. Therefore, they prefer the natural way for all the products they use. You know that hydrating your skin is a must if you want to look youthful for a very long time.

They use organic face masks twice a week to moisturise the skin. After the face mask, a facial massage is performed to improve the circulation of the skin. This gives your skin a radiant appearance and stimulates the regrowth of new cells.

7. Apply SPF

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It is traditionally known that the sun is extremely harmful to the skin. It not only burns your skin from the inside, but also leads to premature wrinkles and dries your skin at once. The Koreans know exactly how harmful the sun is to their skin, which is why they do not leave their home without using SPF.

If the sun is too bright, they go a step further and wear a hat to protect their skin does not come into contact with the skin. This is the key if you want your skin to look youthful for a longer period of time.

6. Moisturizing

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Hydration is essential for teens, clear and healthy skin. Koreans have taken this to heart and will take several steps to make sure their skin is hydrated throughout the day. They use a very strict regime that ensures that their skin is always moisturized and clean.

You use a light moisturizer or BB cream to maintain moisture while taking advantage of a light foundation. In this way, you can moisturize your skin and get a little coverage.

5. exfoliation

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Cleansing and exfoliation help the skin to stay clean. Koreans believe that a clean face is the key to beautiful skin. If you exfoliate your skin, remove all dead skin cells and dirt from your pores. By removing dead skin cells as well as dirt and impurities in your skin, let your skin look its best.

Koreans peel off their skin every day. However, we do not recommend this because it can be very hard on the skin. For this reason, we recommend that you peel your skin two to three times a week. If you have oily skin, you can peel off more than dry skin.

4. Toning

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Not only Koreans believe they always have a fresh, clean face, but they also believe in using a toner to refresh your skin. The purpose of a toner is to close the pores so that anything you apply to your skin really penetrates deep into your pores. A good toner will also tighten your skin and pores.

Because of this, Koreans use toner after cleansing their skin to make sure their pores are closed and their skin is ready for a good moisturizer. Using a moisturizing toner that contains little to no alcohol is part of the Korean Beauty Scheme.

3. Skip make-up for a day or two

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If you have ever really looked at a Korean woman, you will have noticed that most of the time they have little or no make-up. The reason that Korean women believe that your skin needs to breathe to be at its best. That’s why they take skin care as a huge deal. In the meantime they do not like to use the make-up any more.

This preserves your skin and keeps it healthy. The makeup stays trapped in the pores. When you break your skin, your flawless skin will be faster and faster. It will also help keep your skin hydrated.

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Yes, I said that the right double cleaning. Koreans believe that they do not clean your face twice, but twice. The theory behind it is that we wear make-up and our face tends to absorb dirt all day by being cleansed once. For this reason, they clean their face once with a make-up remover.

Then clean it again with a foam cleaner to remove any dirt residue. Keeping your skin clean not only removes any dirt but also prevents your skin from breaking out. However, if you have dry skin, you do not want to cleanse your face as much as it can actually dry your skin.

1. consistency

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It is not only important to have an excellent skin care program, but also to make sure that it is important. That’s why consistency is always the key. You want to make sure that you continue your skin care daily and are as constant as possible. This ensures that your skin always looks optimal