10 hottest short haircuts that you should not miss this season

The biggest problem with chopping off long locks is fear. It takes a lot of self-confidence to change from a look that you feel comfortable to a short, new and trendy look, no matter how much you like the style of other people. That feeling when you say it’s just not enough to really push you into the salon. It’s important to choose a look that is not just for you, but for one you love too. If you have some options selected, your stylist can help you decide which looks the best.

 Trendy Kurzhaarschnitte für Frauen

Short haircuts are some of the best there is. They are not only cool and instantly give you style points, but are also very easy to care for. Being able to save time and energy while still looking fantastic is a wonderful feeling. Comfort is an added bonus. Some of the hottest hairstyles right now are shortcuts. We’ve collected some of our favorites to inspire you and give you expert tips. Since summer approaches are not afraid to really rock the look you want to try out.

Long Bangs

 Trendy Kurzhaarschnitt für Frauen

Adding long bangs around your face will make you feel safer with your new short look. Pony is classically beautiful, the style changes with time. Long, sideways curved bangs are a most flattering version of the timeless style. One of the additional bonuses for holding blows longer is the lack of effort. They can easily be swept back with a hairpin. When seen below, they look trendy on curly or straight hair. Bouncing around the face can help make a short look feel sweeter and sweeter.

A-Line Bob haircut for short hair

 Trendy Kurzhaarschnitt für Frauen

An A-Line Bob is a cut that screams trendy. The look keeps the front something more for those who want their cut not too short. This cut has the advantage of keeping you cool by exposing your neck. The A-line keeps your hair long enough and gives you the advantage of being able to try different styles with it. Curl it up for a summer wedding or leave it for a day at the pool course. Add big sunglasses for the perfect look this summer.

Highlights – reversed bob hairstyle with many textures

 Trendy Kurzhaarschnitt für Frauen

Highlights are available in all different sizes and colors. Select the one you want, or select a few. Highlights can really make a short hassle with an extra hot look. You can choose something that will dramatically change your look, or opt for something less drastic. That’s the fun of highlights, there are no limits. Add a caramel color or a shade of red to your new look for a classic look, or opt for a blue or pink.


 Trendy Short Hair Cuts for Women

Platinum hair looks good on almost everyone and was a celebrity favorite, with stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence providing the ultra-blonde look. Although this is available at home, it is strongly recommended that you go to a salon. This requires a lot of patience and may require several bleach sessions between weeks, depending on how dark your natural color is. When you buy a purple shampoo, you can get unwanted shades of yellow or orange that occur in the dark to full platinum.


 Trendy Kurzhaarschnitt für Frauen

Find your punk flare by shaving a portion of the head. This style is fun and is becoming more popular. In 2017, the shaved look for women has grown, with new styles we have an even greater chance of finding the right shortcut. The pool of inspiration is only growing and now is the time to love the look. You may want to shave a lot to really be seen, or just the bottom. Shaving your back and letting longer hair go with it means you can cover it, and it’s a great way to wet your feet with style.


 Trendy Kurzhaarschnitt für Frauen

Curls are immediately glamorous. With so many different options, you can find a great look that works for you. If you are curling short hair with some beautiful curls, you will not only feel trendy, but will also feel safe with your hair. If heat does not apply to you, but you have a natural swell, embrace it for a beautiful beach look or add your favorite styling product for one night with your curly-haired head.

Hair tattoo

 Trendy Kurze Haarschnitte für Frauen

Designs that you shave in your hair have long been popular with men. Now the look has become one of the hottest styles for women. A quick Pinterest search results in a variety of designs to choose from. All you have to do is find one that you love. Hearts, stars and even flowers make for a feminine version of the popular shaved style.

 Trendy Short Hair Cuts for Women

The most important thing to watch out for is to have fun with it. In no case overwork, the hair tends to grow faster in the summer. That’s amazing news, but not if you really do not like it. You will regrow it!

 Trendy Short Hair Cuts für Frauen
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